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No one wants to have their home fumigated but in some particularly devastating cases of infestation, fumigating the entire property may be necessary. Depending on the species of pest, different chemicals may be used to fumigate. Nearly all pesticides used in fumigation are hazardous to humans and animals, though, so it’s imperative you never attempt to fumigate your property without a licensed extermination professional’s assistance.

Fumigation is a form of total pest extermination which is odourless and totally residue free. The process involves the placement of a fumigant (an insecticide in gaseous form) within an enclosed space for the destruction of insects and other pest organisms and their eggs. The process takes 24 hours which allows you to collect your valuables only a day after. Every treated item will be thoroughly ventilated and instrument-tested to be gas-insecticide free before returning to owners. This ensures absolute safety. Incidentally, the rice you eat and the coffee you drink could have been fumigated by us in the same manner.

Memorabilia from the past are indeed treasures to be preserved and enjoyed by you and your descendants. They may include grandma’s collection of rare books, your dad’s valuable stamp collection and the precious violin your uncle left behind. Regretfully, some of them are threatened with serious defacement or damage by wood boring and related insects (drywood termites, powder post beetles, silver fish etc) if they are not regularly inspected and fumigated whenever signs of infestation appear. Anything that attracts insect infestation eg, antiques, carpets, piano, paintings, books etc can be saved through fumigation.

Methyl Bromide (MB). Phostoxin (Ph3). Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)

Certified Fumigation Hub.



Specially constructed chamber situated at our office to handle fumigation of antique furniture, cut flowers, book, piano, etc.


Specially constructed shed for approved Methyl Bromide fumigation to handle your fumigation needs.



ISPM 15 Fumigation AVA Accredited Agency



LCL Loose Cargoes. Containers. Rice/Spices.



Ship. Yacht.



Books. Piano. Antiques. Cut Flowers. Paintings.

Premier Eco-Care’s fumigation services help prevent the spread of pests and minimize the risk of damage to your goods.

Fumigation is one of the most effective methods for pest control, allowing businesses and homeowners to effectively get rid of pests. Not all pest control companies are qualified to provide fumigation services. It requires plenty of experience, skills and knowledge to operate the fumigation equipments correctly, and to execute the right fumigation procedure, in order to be effective. Otherwise, it may risk human health. Therefore, it’s best to contact a reliable fumigation service to ensure that your businesses and homes are protected from pest infestations and your health is not at risk.

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ISO 45001:2018 Cert No. 751379d, ISO 14001:2004 Cert No. 680679, ISO 9001:2008 Cert No. 680910, National Skills Recognition System (NSRS), Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (AFAS),
Management in Food Plants, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Conforms to Risk Assessment Procedures Trade, Certificate in Landscaping Practices…

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